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     "And I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God: and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea, Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads."  -Revelation 7:2-3

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Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

1.      Profanity/Common Swearing

a.       Profanity is not allowed. We ask you to refrain from using common swearing while  commenting, even though you may swear as part of your normal speech. Swearing offends others. Jesus said, "But let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No.’ For whatever is more than these is from the evil one." - Matthew 5:37



2.      Vulgarity

a.       Vulgarity, whether by statement, implication, "action" commands is not allowed.



3.      Blasphemy

Blasphemy is not allowed. This will be enforced by either deleting your comment or a ban if necessary. Blasphemy is defined here as:

a.       the act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for God,

b.      the act of claiming the attributes of God,

c.       irreverence toward God


4.      Gossip, Rumors, Unkind Words, Actions

a.       Gossip, rumors, unkind words and actions have no place coming from those who seek to be like Christ.

"The spirit of gossip and talebearing (rumors) is one of Satan's special agencies to sow discord and strife, to separate friends, and to undermine the faith of many in the truthfulness of our positions." {Ellen White, Adventist Home, 441.1}

There will be no unkind words or deeds in Heaven. Let us seek now to put these words and actions behind us.



5.      Pornography

a.       Pornography, sexually suggestive or lewd photos (even profile photos) are not allowed.



6.      Proselytizing/unsolicited/forced sharing

a.       Proselytizing (to recruit visitors/management to another faith) and unsolicited sharing of other religious beliefs is not allowed. This especially refers to beliefs that are not consistent with the Seventh-Day Adventist 28 fundamental beliefs.

"God does not force any man into His service. Every soul must decide for himself whether or not he will fall on the Rock and be broken." {Ellen White, Review and Herald, Dec. 24, 1889} There may be times that an individual is asked more about what he or she believes and why. Only then is sharing of non-Adventist beliefs permitted.



7.      Advertising

a.       Advertising other web pages or social media pages is not permitted without prior permission.



8.      Discussions, Debates, Arguments

a.       We encourage study and genuine questions concerning the scriptures and Ellen White's writings. Our page is not the place to bring up theological or other arguments.  We will not allow debates, which can lead to arguments. 

b.      Bible Versions - This is also not the place to debate which version of the Bible is the “best”.  The choice of which version of the Bible to use can be a highly personal one.  The version of the Bible STM quotes from may change from moment to moment based on context and clarity.



9.      Anti-SDA comments

a.       The 28 Fundamentals - Comments not in harmony with the 28 Fundamentals are not permitted.

b.      Derogatory Comments - Comments that are derogatory toward the Adventist church or its pioneers are not permitted.

c.       Anti-Trinitarian – Anti-Trinitarian views are not in harmony with the 28 Fundamentals of the Seventh-day Adventist church and are not permitted. 

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit…”  -Matthew 28:19  See also: “God”, “Jesus Christ” and the “Holy Spirit” are “the fullness of the Godhead”. (Acts of the Apostles 49.3)

d.      Babylon – Comments calling or intimating that the Seventh-day Adventist church is “Babylon” are not permitted.  This includes anything encouraging others to leave the church.  How would you feel if someone were to speak badly of your wife? How do you think Jesus feels when we speak badly of His?  We need to be very careful in this area. 

“The church of Christ, enfeebled, defective as she may appear, is the one object on earth upon which He bestows in a special sense his love and His regard. ... The church is God's fortress, His city of refuge, which He holds in a revolted world. Any betrayal of her sacred trust is treachery to Him who has bought her with the precious blood of His only begotten Son.” {1888 1554.1} 

See also: “Nothing in this world is so dear to the heart of God as His church.” {Prophets and Kings, 590.1} 

See also:  “…
you are taking the position that the Seventh-day Adventist Church is Babylon, and that all that would be saved must come out of her. You are not the only man whom the enemy has deceived in this matter. For the last forty years, one man after another has arisen, claiming that the Lord has sent him with the same message. But let me tell you . . . that this message you are proclaiming is one of the satanic delusions designed to create confusion among the churches. My brother, you are certainly off the track.”  --Letter 57, 1893.  {4BIO 80.7}



10.  Time setting

a.       Time setting, especially for specific events such as, the latter rain, the close of probation or the Second Coming of Christ are not in line with the scriptures or Ellen White's writings and are not permitted.  (Matthew 24:36) (Acts 1:7){Review and Herald, March 22, 1892 par. 7}



11.  Non Biblical Issues

a.       Women’s Ordination - Comments in favor of or promoting issues such as the Ordination of Women and Homosexuals are not permitted. 

"Those who feel called out to join the movement in favor of woman's rights and the so-called dress reform might as well sever all connection with the third angel's message. The spirit which attends the one cannot be in harmony with the other. The Scriptures are plain upon the relations and rights of men and women." {Testimonies for the Church, Volume 1, 457.3} 

In addition: 
"Before accepting any doctrine or precept, we should demand a plain 'Thus saith the Lord' in its support." {Great Controversy 595.1}

b.      Homosexuality - Comments in favor of or sympathetic to an active homosexual lifestyle are not permitted and will be deleted and/or the author banned.  Jesus gave a clear warning in Revelation against a homosexual lifestyle.  Jesus loved homosexuals enough to warn that they would be eternally lost if they continued their lifestyle.

“The divine rebuke is upon that false sympathy for the sinner which endeavors to excuse his sin. It is the effect of sin to deaden the moral perceptions, so that the wrongdoer does not realize the enormity of transgression, and without the convicting power of the Holy Spirit he remains in partial blindness to his sin. It is the duty of Christ's servants to show these erring ones their peril. Those who destroy the effect of the warning by blinding the eyes of sinners to the real character and results of sin often flatter themselves that they thus give evidence of their charity; but they are working directly to oppose and hinder the work of God's Holy Spirit; they are lulling the sinner to rest on the brink of destruction; they are making themselves partakers in his guilt and incurring a fearful responsibility for his impenitence. Many, many, have gone down to ruin as the result of this false and deceptive sympathy.” {Patriarchs and Prophets 361.2}



12.  Politics, "Political Strife" (activism) and Voting

a.       Comments that promote worldly politics, "political strife" (activism), voting for a candidate or various similar issues are not permitted.  These type of comments create "division, strife, and jealousy" among God's people.  The only exception to this is when pending legislation or laws conflict with the law of God (i.e.: Sunday laws, religious liberty, etc.).

Jesus example:
"The government under which Jesus lived was corrupt and oppressive; on every hand were crying abuses,--extortion, intolerance, and grinding cruelty. Yet the Saviour attempted no civil reforms. He attacked no national abuses, nor condemned the national enemies. He did not interfere with the authority or administration of those in power. He who was our example kept aloof from earthly governments. Not because He was indifferent to the woes of men, but because the remedy did not lie in merely human and external measures. To be efficient, the cure must reach men individually, and must regenerate the heart."  {Desire of Ages 509.3}

God's warning:
"God has warned his people not to become absorbed in politics. We cannot bear the sign of God as his commandment-keeping people, if we mingle with the strife of the world. We are not to give our minds to political issues. God's people are walking contrary to his will when they mix up with politics, and those who commence this work ... reveal that they are not taught and led by God, but by that spirit which creates contention and strife and every evil work. We are subjects of the Lord's kingdom, and we are to establish that kingdom in righteousness. 1 Peter 1:13-28."  {The Gospel Herald, August 1, 1899 par. 6} (Ellen G. White)

Parading political beliefs greatly offends God:
"By parading their political belief before the world, just as worldlings do, they [God's professed people] have created division, strife, and jealousy among themselves. The influence of this course of action is a great offense to God, and He cannot and will not prosper those who follow it. . . ."  {Manuscript Releases, Volume 9, 130.2}

Voting makes you a partaker of the sins committed while in office:
they [the people of God] are partakers with them of the sins which they commit while in office. {Fundamentals of Education 475.2}

For further study and counsel on this subject visit: http://www.sealingtime.com/resources/studies/voting-and-politics/politics-and-the-christian



13.  Trolling

a.       Divisive Issues - Divisive issues such as (but not limited to); feast days, new moons, lunar calendars, the trinity, the Holy name, etc. are not permitted. 

b.      Twisting, Misquoting and Misrepresenting – Twisting, misquoting or misrepresenting scripture, Ellen G. White, STM posts, intentions or the comments of others is not allowed.



14.  Derogatory comments (flaming)

a.       Comments that are derogatory (flaming) toward Sealing Time Ministries, our staff or others are not allowed.  Rude, argumentative, or condescending comments will be deleted and in may result in a ban of the author.



15.  Hijacking/Off Topic

a.       Keep on topic with the current post/thread. Off topic, unbalanced, non Biblical or wandering comments will be muted from public view.



16.    Advocating backsliding/compromise

a.       Advocating backsliding or compromise is not permitted.  We encourage all who visit this page to set the standard “high above the world”.



17.    Ranting

a.       Ranting is not allowed.  Ranting comments will be muted from public view.




Failure to abide by any of the rules above will result in a removal of the offending comment or a ban.

Sealing Time Ministries reserves the right to update these guidelines at any time.

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