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     "And I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God: and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea, Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads."  -Revelation 7:2-3

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For Such a Time as This - Walter Veith (DVD)

For Such a Time as This - Walter Veith (DVD)
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For Such a Time as This
Walter Veith and Francois DuPlessis

It is no secret that the world is in turmoil and conflict. Try as they may, world leaders seem to be at a loss in providing long lasting solutions for peace, happiness, and prosperity. There is a great controversy that rages. Without Jesus and an understanding of His prophetic word, the future can look very bleak. In this very candid series of lectures, there are answers to some difficult and perplexing questions and situations. May in what you see, hear and learn, give you a sense of confidence for the detailed plan God has for each one of our lives. Be encouraged to have a very personal relationship with our Heavenly Father, who came to save us from sin and who invites us to be a part of His eternal, victorious and soon-coming kingdom.

Guaranteed: Factual, Scriptural, Theo-centric, Encouraging, Challenging, Motivating, Inspiring. Produced to leave you in awe of God's detailed plan for us today!


  1. Bible Characters in Archaeology - F. du Plessis (45:02)
  2. Co-dependence the Unselfish Planet - W. Veith (1:31:05)
  3. Nebuchadnezzar (Part 1) - F. du Plessis(32:51)
  4. Ethics and Evolution - W. Veith (1:12:57)
  5. Questions and Answers (Part 1) - W. Veith & F. du Plessis (1:15:46)
  6. Questions and Answers (Part 2) - W. Veith & F. du Plessis (50:15)
  7. Nebuchadnezzar (Part 2) - F. du Plessis (46:35)
  8. I Hear the Rumbling - W. Veith (1:27:14)
  9. The Jesuits and the Counter-Reformation (Part 1) - W. Veith (59:23)
  10. The Jesuits and the Counter-Reformation (Part 2) - W. Veith (1:08:21)
  11. 1844 in Type and Antitype (Part 1) - W. Veith (1:05:25)
  12. 1844 in Type and Antitype (Part 2) - W. Veith (42:18)
  13. The Ark of Noah - F. du Plessis (39:05)
  14. Mordecai in the Gate - W. Veith (1:31:15)
  15. Evidence of Various Biblical Characters and Places - F. du Plessis (40:48)
  16. The Typologiy of Deliverance - W. Veith (1:31:41)
  17. Jacob, Joseph and Chronic Pain - F. du Plessis (44:13)
  18. Back to the Pillars of Adventism, Background History - W. Veith (1:13:59)
  19. History and Experiences (Part 1) - W. Veith & F. du Plessis (47:20)
  20. History and Experiences (Part 2) - W. Veith & F. du Plessis (44:55)

Approximate Running Time
1 hr. each (20 parts)
These presentations come on 10 DVDs.


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